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AutoSignon Auth Provider Updated to support java 8
Wiley Fuller

The Spring dependencies in the AutoSignon Auth Provider have been updated to support Java 8. The new release is version 2.0.2.

New version of AutoSignon Auth Provider
Wiley Fuller

A new version of the AutoSignon Authentication Provider B2 has been released (v2.0.1). This version fixes some minor issues with labels on the configuration page, and removes a couple of unused fields. The log level has also been reduced from DEBUG to WARN.

First stable version launched
Protos Soluciones Educativas

Attendee is now available for free download

Version 3.5 and Mini Checker added
Shannon Meisenheimer

I've added two new versions of the browser checker, BrowserCheck v3.5, and CheckMini v3.5.

Both have compatibility requirements for Bb 2015Q4 release.

The mini checker is a stripped down version you can use on your login page, or other pages within Bb. It is loaded as a theme package via the Admin Panel in the GUI. I have been using a flavor of the mini checker on our login page for a while ...

BbStats - LMS Adoption Report. New! for BbWorld.
Szymon Machajewski

New feature released for Bb Word Conference 2015: LMS Adoption Report. Watch the video and tweet! bit.ly/1GhCsLH #BbWorld #BbStats @smprof http://projects.oscelot.org/gf/project/bbstats/


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