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Initial public release (1.1.18)
James Nicoll

The first publicly available version of the Learn/S+ synchronisation tool has been uploaded to the file area now.

At this point in time this release is primarily of interest to developers wishing to use it as a reference for how we've approached various problems, the code is not generally applicable to other institutions.

There is also a repository for the code on Github at https://github.co...

New release of the AutoSignOn Building Block
Mark ONeil

A new release of the AutoSignOn Building Block is now available. Changes: Per beta feedback course availability to impact Students only, adjusted license (now BSD) to align with original Blackboard license, added source to war file.

Now in Beta
Rory Hering

Charon 0.6 is now available. It now supports the Blackboard styles (and therefore your styles).

Initial release of Charon v0.5
Rory Hering

Still undergoing extensive testing, the Charon Item Search and Link Builder has been released for others in the hope of eliminating problems with linking to assessment items, tools and folders within BBLearn's visual text box editor.

B2Context 1.4.00
Stephen Vickers

New release with support for settings associated with nodes in the Institutional Hierarchy and simple logging.


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