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BbStats - LMS Adoption Report. New! for BbWorld.
Szymon Machajewski

New feature released for Bb Word Conference 2015: LMS Adoption Report. Watch the video and tweet! bit.ly/1GhCsLH #BbWorld #BbStats @smprof http://projects.oscelot.org/gf/project/bbstats/

Bboogle temporarily unavailable
Patricia Goldweic

With Google deprecating on April 20th several APIs used throughout Bboogle, a small group of individual contributors (Phil Jacobs -lead-, Patricia Goldweic and Scott Hurrey) has been working on an updated Bboogle codebase on their own time. However, this work involves migrating several APIs and is extensive, and without institutional development sponsorship, progress has been slower than originall...

LTI Tool Provider 2.4.00
Stephen Vickers

A new release is now available which is both a update as well as being a transition to a future release to incorporate LTI 2 support.

Talis Aspire 1.1.2 available
Simon Booth

Fixes access denied with SP14 CU5 and add lists for organisations (with different regular expression).

Courselife 2.1.0 is now available
Patricia Goldweic

Courselife version 2.1.0 supports soft *and* hard exemptions for participation of Bb courses in the semi automated archiving process.


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